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“Nick” Deegan has been on the bench since 2005 and Thomas W. The judges reside in Campbell County and travel to Crook County once or twice a month, maybe more depending on the courts schedule. When a judicial vacancy occurs, the Judicial Nominating Commission (one-half lawyers and one half non-lawyer and presided over by the Chief Justice of the Wyoming Supreme Court) screens applicants and submits a list of the three nominees to the governor.The governor appoints the new judge from this list.This year, Stevens chose the Tower as the backdrop for a meaningful ceremony that will honor the victims but also celebrate what has been done over the years to combat domestic violence.

” It’s usually not that simple, as leaving an abuser means leaving behind a lifestyle, stability and much more.Stevens wants to change that question and the dynamic along with it; she would prefer that we ask, “Why doesn’t he stop abusing?” The Silent Witness event is a chance for the families to remember the victims and the community to pay their own tribute and say, no, we won’t accept this happening any more, she says.Every six years the voters of the Sixth Judicial District (Crook, Campbell and Weston Counties) vote to determine whether each judge should be retained in office based on the judge's qualifications and job performance, without regard to partisan politics.Does this office provide criminal history record checks?

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