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Aside from Stevens and her colleagues, Crook County’s team stretches from the law enforcement officers who intervene when an incident is reported to the County Attorney’s Office, which is knowledgeable about handling the often-tricky cases even when a victim feels it necessary to recant their statement, and the judges who preside over those cases in court.

“I am blessed with my county and my community,” she says.

Every six years the voters of the Sixth Judicial District (Crook, Campbell and Weston Counties) vote to determine whether each judge should be retained in office based on the judge's qualifications and job performance, without regard to partisan politics.

” The Silent Witness event is a chance for the families to remember the victims and the community to pay their own tribute and say, no, we won’t accept this happening any more, she says.(Sarah Pridgeon photo) Nearly 70 silhouettes similar to the one held by Sandy Stevens will be on display as a remembrance of the lives lost to domestic violence gets underway at Devils Tower on October 7. Like every other state in the nation, Wyoming recognizes Domestic Violence Awareness Month in October and honors those who have lost their lives through the Silent Witness ceremony. And each victim was taken from their family and community too soon through an incident of domestic violence.If the weather is inclement, it will be held at the Best Western in Hulett.“The public is encouraged to come and show their support and that they’re wanting to do something to end the violence and to show support to the other families,” she says.

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